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Background Information

The Demerara Bauxite Company constructed the Mackenzie-Wismar Bridge equipped with a single lane railway track during the period 1966 to 1967. The major objective at the time was to facilitate the transport of bauxite from the west bank mines to the processing plant that was located on the east bank of the Demerara River by utilizing railway cars. Mining activities on the west bank have declined over the years and the bridge is primarily used by the Linden community, loggers, miners and the general public at large.

The Mackenzie-Wismar Bridge has assumed significant importance within Linden and Guyana as a whole. It is a very important link within the national road network and provides access to many interior locations within the country.


The Mackenzie- Wismar Bridge is approximately 740 ½ feet in length and includes a center span 83 ½ feet long. Steel structures were used in the construction of the vertical and longitudinal supports of the bridge. The section assigned for vehicular traffic is 14 feet in width and is constructed mainly of reinforced concrete with only the area along the center span having wooden planks. Fourteen sets of vertical supports are positioned at various sections along the length of the bridge. The width of the bridge including the walkways is 21 ½ feet.

Our objectives are:

1. Collecting revenue from the various class of vehicles and issue a point of sale receipt.
2. Maintain the smooth flow of traffic along the Mackenzie/Wismar Bridge.
3. Conduct data collection and analysis.
4. Conduct regular maintenance of the Mackenzie/Wismar Bridge.

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