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Colvin Heath-London’s proven efforts have been for the best interests of Guyana
  • February 5, 2020
  • NICIL Communications Unit
  • #CEO #colvinheath-london NICIL-SPU

Dear Editor
FOR those who need a further reminder, Colvin Heath-London’s appointment as Chief Executive officer (ag.) to NICIL/SPU, was not a case of finding ‘jobs for the boys’; or a wild-card aim, or some young citizen with no experience being tasked with portfolios beyond his capabilities.

For here was a Guyanese, with impeccable academic credentials, well learned and versed in the art of modern management techniques, and with a background of international experience in the dynamics of challenging and complex boardroom scenarios, being asked to take on the delicate assignment of managing the state assets agency, riddled with so many acts of illegalities, compliments of a former regime. Add this to another daunting, even larger challenge of finding solutions for the resurrection of a collapsed, once industrial giant of sugar, and one will understand that Heath-London has his plate filled with headaches of a systemic type.

He has continued to confound those of an outdated culture, because he has challenged their colonial culture of the right to privilege, despite the changed circumstance of an entity of such historical tradition. Rather than cooperate with a dynamic mind whose modern mind challenged the outmoded management, he has encountered public attacks, via some sections of the media, and attempts to deem him unfit for the daunting assignment, which they themselves have not been able to fix, except continuing to go around in circles.

London’s stewardship, thus far, has been about Guyana, as evidenced by the monumental job he has done, securing the $30 Bln bond for the restructuring of GuySuCo, the restoration of the famous Linden landmark of Watooka House, converting Skeldon Estate into Skeldon Heritage Resort, the Berbice Inn, the Kwakwani State House and the Ituni Guesthouse to name a few. However, his recent successes, in securing a dividend payment of US $3M from BOSAI, an international organisation in the extractive industry of Guyana, coupled with his court challenge against Hong Kong Golden Telecom(HKGT) for their failure to make good on payment owed to the government of Guyana, for their purchase of 20 per cent shares in the Guyana telephone and Telegraph Company(GTT). The latest move, just in every conceivable way, has netted Guyana an extra US$7.5M, as a result of accrued interest.

Obviously, this is a CEO who understands the meaning of working in the best interests of the state, ensuring that it gets justice in its undertaking with international organisations that believe that they can come to Guyana and disrespect our laws.
Hats off to Heath-London! His talents are indeed a blessing to Guyana. One has no doubt as to his patriotism. It is time that those who are still impeding his efforts at making NICIL/SPU a continuously viable entity in the interest of Guyana, cease impeding such efforts.

Earl Hamilton


Source: Guyana Chronicle

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