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Jul 19

The importance of a green state economy for Guyana was recently amplified by Dr. Simpson Da Silva, the Assistant Technical Coordinator of the Community Development Council [CDC]. He was at the time speaking at a recent Green Regional Conference held under the theme: “Sustainability in Economic, Social, Political Environment and Cultural Development in 2019 and Beyond”.

The conference, held in Region 10, was sponsored by the National Industrial and Commercial Investments Limited [NICIL].

In delivering his remarks, Dr. Da Silva said that in pursuing the greening way of life, it is hoped that persons would recognise that Guyana can become a model for the Caribbean towards the pursuit of sustainability for all its people. He disclosed during the conference, too, that a number of CDC groups in Upper Demerara-Berbice [Region 10] were able to showcase the linkages between Region 10’s natural resources management and sustainable development of Guyana and the rest of the Caribbean. This, he said, was done through the hosting of CariExpo.

“The three days showcased the creative and production initiatives of all aspects of the Region‘s policies, programmes, projects and activities, from the smallest household economic activities to the mid-sized enterprises up to the large scale strategic initiatives and action plans,” Dr. Da Silva explained.

He added, “These are meant to indicate how we can sustainably develop the regions, with Linden as the sustainable model, and which could be replicated in the other nine regions of Guyana. Upper Demerara-Berbice Region’s natural resources, particularly agriculture and mineral resources, primary and value-added production, will be the forward base for sustainable production and consumption. This will provide opportunities for producers and distributors to showcase their goods and services.”

Confessing to being passionate about addressing issues that seek to deal with green state development, Dr. Da Silva said that the Region had showcased systemic sustainable development initiatives which represent a green model for Region 10.

He however stressed that while his role at the recent conference had been specifically in relation to the green state economy, he firmly feels that partners like NICIL are important in helping to get the message out.

“I do see NICIL playing a very important role in the various green conferences, green conversations that will be held throughout Guyana. NICIL’s role with the green state strategy vision 2040 is very specific as NICIL is prepared to participate fully in the green development agenda and is prepared to make use of the 213 polices that are in the green state policy to create projects and programmes…” he said.

According to Dr. Da Silva, too, there is need for linkages to be established with some 90 CDCs, Neighbourhood Democratic Councils, Regional Democratic Councils and municipalities, which will form part of the Green State Development Strategy Vision 2040.

He further pointed out that the private sector is expected to play a crucial role as it can help to determine integration and collaboration of stakeholders in the development of Guyana.

Similar conferences to promote the green state concept are planned for Regions Two and Six and other regions are expected to eventually benefit too since, according to Dr. Da Silva, the green state economy agenda is one that must be taken throughout Guyana with participation and involvement of various stakeholders.

Source: Kaieteur News.

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