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Please spare me an opportunity of having this letter published in your newspaper. I am forced to write this letter because of the fact that I am hurt, disappointed and bewildered at the actions of my employer, GUYSUCO.

I have been employed by GUYSUCO for a number of years. Recently, I was hospitalized and made a claim at NIS for my benefits. However, to my shock and utter dismay I was informed that despite my pay slip reflects regular NIS deductions GUYSUCO has not paid contributions for myself and a number of persons (this was confirmed by other persons) for some years.

Editor, this is certainly inhumane, disrespectful and unprofessional that employees’ NIS deductions are being made but not remitted to NIS. We would have trusted our employer to do the right thing.

I was forced to seek some money elsewhere as I am not a rich person and therefore needed the money urgently to assist me with my medical challenges. I firmly believe that the management of GUYSUCO owes the general public and more so their hardworking employees, who have not had their NIS contributions remitted, an explanation, while NIS should disclose as to how much GUYSUCO owes on their contributions.

This is very important as I along with about two other employees had sat for almost an entire day seeking answers and trying to get our benefits until we were told, unfortunately, that GUYSUCO has not paid in years, therefore, our contributions were affected. Editor is this right? Is this the way that GUYSUSO who is considered one of the main employers here in Guyana intends to treat its workers who continue to give of their best despite the continued challenges and difficulties that face the company?

Is this the good life that President Granger had promised us when GUYSUCO seems to be above the law? Is this how we as simple poor employees in many instances are expected to continue living?

I don’t think that what has occurred with my NIS and a few others who I am aware of is right and am therefore calling on GUYSUCO to rectify this unfortunate situation so that employees can feel a sense of confidence that should anything happen to them that they can benefit from their contributions that they have made to NIS.

I would also like to say that while it was evident that I, the affected employee was not getting all the information from NIS, I must say that the way and manner in which I was treated by the NIS employees was very professional and comforting to some extent. However, despite their assurances that everything would be alright and their seemingly genuine desire in seeking to address my issues, I was informed that I should seek answers from GUYSUCO for my missing contributions. I firmly believe that His Excellency, President Granger, should look into this immediately as I believe that any employer who makes deduction of NIS contributions and fails to remit it should face some firm discipline and or penalty as this is highly dishonest and unprofessional to say the least.

It is therefore my urgent request that GUYSUCO would remit my contributions so that I can get what rightly belongs to me.

Further, I have been reliably informed that monies owed by GUYSUCO to NIS is in the vicinity of millions and many other affected employees, like me, have been seeking answers without any success.

Concerned GUYSUCO Worker

Source: Kaieteur News.

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