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Sep 19
Letter to the Editor: Kudos to Minister Jordan
  • September 27, 2019
  • NICIL Admin

Dear Editor,

I HUMBLY request some space in your newspaper to raise an issue which, in my mind, is of utmost importance and therefore needs public commendation. Over the past four years since the APNU/AFC government has taken office, there have and continues to be numerous letters from various letter writers criticising them individually and collectively on a number of issues.

Now, let me set the record straight by declaring that I have no political agenda as I am a Guyanese who believes that I will work with any administration entrusted with the authority to run it. However, as my grandmother use to say is that we must call a spade a spade and therefore, I humbly seek to do that. I will, however, not bury my head in the sand and say that this government is without fault. As a matter of fact, there are a number of issues and decisions that I am peeved with this administration about and hopefully they would seek to correct same before the election as it is enough to cause them to lose an election if go unchecked.

However, it’s plain for many to see that one of the ministers who have stood out and continues to stand out is the Honourable Winston Jordan– Minister of Finance. I have been impressed by his management of that very important ministry and his continued execution of his duties as Minister of Finance. Minister Jordan, in my mind, continues to demonstrate the highest professional decorum in my humble mind as a Minister of Government and his ability to handle a number of critical issues in an amicable manner certainly should be emulated by the other ministers. While writing about Minister Jordan and the many achievements that Guyana has seen under his stewardship as finance minister would take several pages of the letter columns to properly and adequately ventilate. I am singling out two critical decisions in his selection process, which I firmly believe that Guyana is significantly benefiting from. I am confident that many Guyanese would agree that two heads of agencies in Mr. Godfrey Statia as head of the Guyana Revenue Authority (GRA) and Mr. Colvin Heath-London as acting CEO of the National Industrial and Commercial and Investments Limited/Special Projects Unit (NICIL/SPU). These two men should be seen as two of the best decisions taken by a government in terms of employment and I humbly salute Minister Jordan. I am going to admit that I know little about these two gentlemen academic and/or prior work experience before coming to these two agencies but what I am cognisant of is their significant achievements and managerial skills since assuming their respective portfolios. Mr. Statia has certainly managed GRA the way many hardworking and honest Guyanese would like to see it being managed. He has stood firmly and removed ineffective and dishonest employees who use their employment as a direct means to enrich themselves, friends and families. Importantly, he has generated well-needed revenue for this country. We are all cognisant that prior to his arrival, GRA was certainly in a chaotic mess, which was resulting in a number of challenges and difficulties for the Government of Guyana.

However, he has demonstrated that with the right person in place, he can and will deliver to the highest expectations, while standing firm to several unfair and unjustified criticisms by several persons. I have seen in my mind the fearless, no nonsense general who is prepared to make whatever decisions required in taking such an agency forward. Like many Guyanese, I feel proud that we have the right man heading that agency, which was certainly being used like an ATM machine for many persons. It’s my view that GRA would never be the same since the [arrival] of Statia and despite the uncomfortable and shaking up of several persons both inside and outside, he continues to make the management of one of Guyana’s most important agency viable, which I am forever thankful for. I dare say, however, that while it’s important to continue congratulating Statia on bringing substance to this country, he continues to show that this and more can be achieved with effective and professional management.

Further, I am sure that the employees at GRA know that the nonsense that previously took place there would never reoccur as systems and effective management have been implemented. This would ensure that the ploys and actions of many is never repeated because we have leaders who are not going to be swayed by the promise of a few liars or to deliberately enrich themselves as a result of greed and dishonesty.

However, Minister Jordan in my view, leadership strength was further reinforced when earlier this year young Colvin Heath-London was appointed as the acting CEO of NICIL/SPU with the death of Horace James. It must be stressed that NICIL has, in my opinion, still has a number of problems but what is noteworthy is that Heath-London’s presence has come with a long list of achievements. He has modernised NICIL/SPU, thus allowing the ordinary man and woman to build relationship while further making it less stressful and easier in dealing with NICIL/SPU. Mr. Colvin Heath-London has also executed a number of projects and programmes thus ensuring that NICIL becomes a good corporate citizen. Heath-London’s readiness to help and assist has earned him the nickname among some as being ‘Mr Fix It’ as he has certainly been fixing a number of issues that needs fixing.

Once again, the public must not lose sight of the fact that it was Minister Jordan who played a pivotal role in Heath-London’s presence at NICIL/SPU and already he has hit the ground helping the government in fixing the Guysuco matter along with several other issues, thus garnering numerous praises from Ministers of Government, the general public and business colleagues like himself. As such, I feel confident that with a man like Minister Winston Jordan, our future is secured as he has certainly been delivering as a minister who puts the public first and this is seen in him recruiting these two professionals over political choices. I am sure that they are others that he has in [mind] in appointing to other key agencies.

Therefore, while many would harp over whether election should be held now or later, I would seek to further congratulate the students while thanking Minister Jordan for these two gentlemen and urge him to bring more so that Guyanese can continue on its trend of aggressive development.

Sherwin Murray
Source: The Guyana Chronicle.

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