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Aug 19

Even as moves are being made to encourage agriculture in Region Ten, the Regional Democratic Council [RDC] is poised to receive support from the National Industrial and Commercial and Investments Limited [NICIL] to advance its efforts.

A commitment in this regard was made by NICIL’s Chief Executive Officer [ag], Mr. Colvin Heath-London, during a recent meeting with RDC officials.
Speaking of the meeting, Regional Chairman, Renis Morian, said Region 10 is likely to soon see forthcoming support to a number of agricultural projects it is seeking to execute. The support, he explained, is expected to take the form of technical support and donations of equipment. Morian said that during the meeting Regional Executive Officer [REO], Orrin Gordon, highlighted the need for assistance with the continued rehabilitation of the Millie’s Hide Out road. Once completed, the road will allow farmers farming in this vicinity to easily transport their produce to the buying public.

The support of NICIL to complete this project, Morian said, “would be a major blessing to the residents.” The project is also gaining support from the National Drainage and Irrigation Authority.

Meanwhile, REO Gordon said that the region will be distributing some 15 shade houses with seven of those specifically for schools. Shade houses are used to protect cultivated plants from excessive heat, light and dryness.

The remaining shade houses will go to farming groups within the Region, Gordon said, even as he revealed that this represents part of a wider mission to enhance food security.

Gordon stressed that the region is seeking to reduce the significant amount of food that is imported into the region.

He said that the Region has the capacity to plant sufficient fruits and vegetables to meet beyond its needs. With the initiatives already set in motion, he anticipates that the region will be able to reduce its agriculture imports by at least some 25 percent over the next two years.
Gordon revealed too that a number of seedlings were distributed to residents, and several schools which received seedlings too have commenced planting these on their farms.

According to him, several of the schools were also given chicks to rear which once developed are purchased to supply the region’s two dorms.
“This would significantly increase and enhance food production within the region,” said Gordon as he revealed that some 1000 permanent crops are being explored and utilised by the region. These, he said, were given out to farmers within the region.

Even as he pointed to the fact that Region Ten is taking an aggressive approach to agriculture, Gordon recalled that in 2005 when the country had encountered a major flood it had caused residents in the region to come to the realisation that they can play a more pivotal role in food security.

This was in light of the fact that several businesses were forced to purchase fruits and vegetables from Lethem as a result of the flood.
Committing to support the region’s ambitious agriculture vision, Heath-London said, “We are prepared from a NICIL-LINMINE point of view to lend whatever assistance is needed to further help the region to advance its agricultural development through a number of areas. We want residents to know that NICIL and the region is moving expeditiously in advancing agriculture in the region.”

According to Heath-London, NICIL is even prepared to make available a building which can be converted to a market place so that farmers coming out of Millie’s Hide Out can have an avenue to have their produce sold.

Source: Kaieteur News.

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