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Feb 20
NICIL must be commended for securing these investments
  • February 16, 2020
  • NICIL Communications Unit

Dear Editor

As has been the trend, the PPP/C is looking for every conceivable opportunity to criticize the coalition government, as a means of keeping their daily faltering electoral campaign alive, as well as their hopes of attracting enough support votes, for a hoped-for return to power.

This is expected, but not from a party which always felt that they had their base supporters ‘under lock’, with their numbers firmly in their pocket. 2011, and 2015, election results would have totally erased such a belief from their mental security, that they will always be both in office and in power, forever. The fact is – times have changed, and are continuing to change, because even their constituents have been realizing that their country needs a new and different kind of governance that must be inclusive, and which must work for the benefit of ALL Guyanese.

It would seem that NICIL’S recent Foreign Direct Investment scoop has clearly upset party leader Bharat Jagdeo and his party cohorts. And one can understand why Jagdeo and his crew are so grudging – because of the transparent and successful manner of the entity’s negotiations with Triniyuana, the foreign entity that has decided that Guyana is excellent for doing business, despite the deliberate propaganda spread of Jagdeo, alleging that the business climate under the coalition government, and particularly since the treachery of the NCM, has had very negative effects on the country’s business climate. Of course, Jagdeo’s PSC comrades, had joined him in peddling such a vile and wicked message, intended to make the David Granger – led administration look bad, with the aim of heightening socio-economic tensions.

In time, such criminal intent and lies HAVE ALL FAILED, AND BACKFIRED; so much so, that the Guyana Manufacturing Services Association(GMSA) representatives were very much present at the sod turning ceremony for the NICIL – successfully- led deal that sold a little over two acres of formerly owned GuySuCo land, in the Ogle locale, sight for the proposed construction of the AC brand Marriot hotel.

Editor, Again, the NICIL’S Colvin Heath-London has demonstrated what it means to work in the BEST INTERESTS of his country, in such transactions, in terms of securing the best deal for country and people. Not only was the land for sale to Triniyuana legitimately evaluated, as is required before sale, but that according to media reports, it was done on the “essential market rates’’, while also looking at the “present value to arrive at the purchase price”. In other words, this was no sale or give away at pepper corn prices as what had been obtained with lands sold to those well-known cronies and friends of the PPP/C. Better yet, it was, by far, many times over, transparent, and commercially transacted, than the disgraceful underselling of the PradoVille 2 lands, which deal, totally criminal and shady, had been done without any such legitimate steps taken, before being sold. One can understand why Irfaan Ally is before the Courts, on nineteen criminal charges.

One must further examine the benefits that will accrue from NICIL’S land sale, for the construction of the AC Marriot, which the PPP/C has labelled a “notch below” the original Marriot brand; yet, pointed out that the latter is present in twelve European countries, and North America. Here is the PPP/C’s pungent smell of grudge, of trying to degrade the quality of the brand. Editor, it only fair for the PPP/C to answer the question, as to how have such a substandard has been able to become established within those very popular European destinations, and elsewhere, for quite a while.

Of course, Guyanese labour will be utilized in the construction phase, in addition to a permanent staff when finished and opened for business. We all will remember the shameful putdown of the Guyanese work force when the PPP/C Marriot was being built. I have always disputed such a gross insult, fuelled and supported by a PPP/C controlled –state media, as Guyanese construction workers have been known to be part of mega building projects, especially in the Caribbean.

Unlike the PPP/C- built Marriot, which origins were at best veiled and shady, and which its sponsors evaded media questions – until the stark truth of state involvement became evident – the coalition government is not investing a penny of tax payers money, neither is any one, or persons, being used as fronting for such an activity. In fact, we are again, advised by Triniyuana, that on completion, Guyanese can buy into the Trinidad stock market, for purposes of shares.

For an opposition party, natural in its notoriety for its dirty fake lies machinery, and criminal disinformation, and which is seemingly bent on implying an illegality on the part of the Heath-London – led NICIL, must be reminded that NICIL has been functioning and executing business in accordance with its mandate, unlike the inexplicable and dubious pre-May 2015 NICIL. Thus, there is no hint of malfeasance, since its steps in completing all transactions since, inclusive of this most recent of the sale of the land at Ogle for $52M, from the time that the land had been advertised for sale, to its eventual negotiated sale, has been transparent. This is unlike the PPP/C and the deception of the constructed Marriot, which debt, the present government had to assume, as one of the numerous inherited liabilities from a disastrous PPP/C governance.

The Heath-London’s leadership of NICIL, has brought to the fore his modern management techniques, with a background of international experience in the dynamics of challenging and complex boardroom scenarios and is continuing to do for Guyana, what the PPP/C FAILED MISERABLY to do – WORK IN THE BEST INTEREST OF GUYANA. Hats off to Heath-London as he continues to work in the best interest of Guyana. Even as the sod has been turned for the AC Marriot the Guyana Caribbean Marketing Enterprise Inc. (CMEI) is set to build two branded hotels on 20 acres of land at Ogle one of which will be Hilton-branded, which puts paid to the lies of the PSC that due to “uncertainties” economic activities have slowed.

Earl Hamilton


Source: Guyana Chronicles

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