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May 19
NICIL finds renewed purpose
  • May 28, 2019
  • NICIL Admin

Dear Mr. Editor,

I write to solicit space in your newspapers to write to the Guyanese public, both locally and overseas. I am a Guyanese living in the United Kingdom for the past 32 years.

I have not for one moment lost contact with the everyday life in Guyana and its politics. I feel compelled to write so that the Guyanese public at large and overseas can be aware of the great things that are emanating from the Government entity–the National investment and Commercial industrial limited (NICIL).

I visited Guyana some two months ago and made all arrangements to stay at my niece’s home in Linden, which I did. During my course of stay, I asked about the Watooka House, which once housed the expatriates who were working in the Bauxite Industry. The last time I asked about this place was when I visited Guyana in 2013. This place was in such a dilapidated state that I was quite ashamed that government can leave its resources to such rot. I guess because of what was permeating the Guyana society then, this property, like many others, might be one that was ignored so it can fall in the “hands of the blessed.”

As my niece proceeded to take me around, I was pleasantly greeted by a structure which I thought would never have returned to its former glory. I was shown around the lawns and interior of Watooka House. In its current rehabilitated state, (it) reminded me of its once glory days when my niece was married there, only now there are some modern amenities which has added a luxurious touch.

I was awed by the 360 degrees transformation since my last visit and enquired who was responsible for Watooka House. The young lady who showed us around proceeded to tell me that this was the work of NICIL, headed by Mr. Colvin Heath-London. My mind went instantly to the Marriot Hotel, as I was of the impression, at the sound of the name of NICIL, that this was one of the entities which squandered government funds. It is such a refreshing time to see that a government entity can be proactive in selling the government in a positive way. As I expressed my satisfaction for the restoration of the Watooka House, the young lady proceeded to bring to my attention two other rehabilitated entities (LBI & SKELDON).

Editor, it is important that we give honour and gratitude to where it is due. Since Mr. London’s initiative and NICIL should be highlighted to the Guyanese public travelling to Linden so that the government will be able to promote its work, bringing new branding to the name NICIL. I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Mr. Heath-London for resuscitating the Watooka House and the other government entities mentioned to me. It is quite refreshing to see the government employing and engaging visionaries in the form of Mr. Colvin Heath- London. I write to tell the Guyanese people that in our midst there are entities and works done by the National Industrial and Commercial Investment Limited that are worthy of good mention. Thanks to NICIL and Mr. Heath -London for being the visionary you are in regards to restoring government assets for income generation.

Leontine Allicock

Source: Chronicle


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